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What We Do?

Plan,design and implement are the three basic steps that we follow.

We offer an array of lab furniture and office furniture that are tough and durable in construction.

If you have your own design and want us to help you than we are here to provide you Best Manufacturing & installation services.


We assure that all products are manufactured with strong materials for provides better sustainability of furniture.


We provide designs that are industry oriented which is suitable for your industry mainly includes product size, color selection and space you want to cover.


Instant repair and product support,testing,testing,installation and maintenance.


Purav Lab Furniture Manufacturer In Vadodara
Purav Lab Furniture Manufacturer In Vadodara

Fume Hoods

Fume hoods are designed to provide personal protection from toxic or volatile chemicals by continuously delivering airflow away from the user to the work area. It protect the workers from gas,dusts and vapors. Purav Lab Furniture’s fume hood performs effectively and safely at the face velocity of 100fpm(or 0.5mtr/sec) at defined sash opening. It will have double skinned construction to make it safer. Choice between steel and wooden fume hood is always available as per the requirement. There are 2 types of fume hood- Bench Mounted fume hood and walk-in type fume hood both have different functionality 

Purav Lab Furniture Manufacturer In Vadodara

Lab Furniture

Every lab personnel has specific needs and requirements.Lab furniture like chair,tables,Instument bench,writing table,working bench, workstations of school,college and science labs. We provie and calso customise the design what they want, to make laboratory an ideal friendly work place and a zoom of comfort. Modular lab furniture is also designed by Purav Lab Solutions  which occupies less space and it lasts for long.


Purav Lab Furniture Manufacturer In Vadodara

Emergency Shower with Eyewash

Emergency Eyewash and safety shower serve the purpose of reducing workplace injury and keeping workers away from various dangers. Used when any worker or staff come into contact with any hazardous chemical.

Purav Lab Furniture Manufacturer In Vadodara


An Eye-Wash is an unit that is used to flush he eyes and it does not cover the complete body. It's an essential equipment for every laboratory as it's helpful to protect workers from injury in labs.

Purav Lab Furniture Manufacturer In Vadodara

1-Way Needle Cone Valve

1-way needle cone valve is used to control flow of only one direction and it lowers the flow rates.

Purav Lab Furniture Manufacturer In Vadodara

2-Way Cone Valve

Needle valves are used to control flow and pressure of liquid and gases, the 2-way needle cone valve used to control flow of both the direction, it's bidirectional.

Purav Lab Furniture Manufacturer In Vadodara

3-Way Water tap

3 Way Water Taps are made from forging grade material to avoid Porosity and Leakage. Useful for laboratories as it provides smooth and speedy flow of water which is used in cleaning vessels without damaging it.

Purav Lab Furniture Manufacturer In Vadodara

KeyBoard Drawer

Keyboard drawers are best known for their smooth finishing, durability and excellent strength.These drawers will house the keyboard and mouse and ensure they’re out of the way


Purav Lab Furniture Manufacturer In Vadodara

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks is resistant to heat and chemicals. Stainless steel are most durable among the materials and they do not crack or break even with the heat or chemicals.

Ceramic Sinks

Ceramic Sinks are easy to maintain and durable.These type of sinks are stain resistant. Every sink is of different size and style and we provide the best that suits your space and furniture.

Purav Lab Furniture Manufacturer In Vadodara

Polypropylene Sink

PP Sinks or (Poly- Propylene) Sinks are practical and inexpensive solutions for laboratories or workshops. (PP) is fully resistant to inorganic acids and some aggressive chemicals. The surface is hydrophobic which makes it easier for cleaning.

Planning,Designing And Installation

Let us help you to find the best solutions for your business.

Purav Lab Furniture Manufacturer In Vadodara