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Who We Are

Purav lab solutions provide completely customized solutions related to lab furniture and equipment.
We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction with the help of innovative designs and various functionalities.
We not only focus on quality but also on the delivery of the product on time.
We aim to provide a wide range of equipment and setups that can be modified and fulfill the customer’s requirements.


Offer Services and products that gain our client’s trust. Distribute Products that meet our Quality.


Capable of adapting to change and satisfying the present and future needs of a scientific community on a global scale.

Why Choose Us?

The Commitment to creative and innovative ideas in a very unique way makes us different from others.
We provide the best for you because whatever we provide is tested and we also welcome our customers to come with their suggestions so that we can improve their products.
Last but not least our customer’s safety is our first priority, it matters to us the most.
We offer our experience performing any project suited to their specific needs lab manufacture design, laboratory design, Design furniture, and lab systems by our Purav lab Solutions.